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Changes to the CPCU 500 3rd edition textbook

Changes to the CPCU 500 3rd edition textbook

The Institutes has updated their CPCU 500 textbook and will be testing students over the new content for exams starting on July 15, 2018. Below you will find a summary of the differences between the old textbook (2nd edition) and the new textbook (3rd edition).

  • Chapter 1 is mostly the same as in the old textbook with the exception of Learning Objective 4 which is new and now titled “The Changing Risk Management Environment.”
  • Chapter 2 in the new textbook is titled “Identifying Loss Exposures” and is completely new.
  • The old Chapter 2 is the new Chapter 3.
  • The old Chapter 3 is the new Chapter 4 and has been modified. The old Learning Objective 1 as been split into two new learning objectives, and a new learning objective titled “How Smart Products Apply to Risk Management” has been added.
  • The first three learning objectives from the old Chapter 4 are in the new Chapter 5 along with 9 new learning objectives covering the use of different risk financing techniques.
  • The old Chapter 8 is the new Chapter 6.
  • The old Chapter 6 is the new Chapter 7 with the addition of one learning objective titled “Ideally Insurable Loss Exposures.”
  • The old Chapter 7 is the new Chapter 8.
  • ***The old Chapter 5 has been completely removed from the new textbook.


If you are taking your exam before June 15, 2018 then you will be prepared with our current study materials that were last updated in March 2017. If you will be testing after July 15, 2018 be sure that you wait to order your study materials until after we complete the next update in August 2018. If you will be testing after June 15, 2018 and already have our study materials that cover the 2nd edition textbook, send us an email at

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