Update to the Series 65 Exam – June 2023

Update to the Series 65 Exam – June 2023

NASAA has updated the test specifications for the Series 63, 65, and 66 exams starting June 12, 2023. We have compared the old and new test specifications and have identified the topics that have been newly added to the document. Some of the topics (such as American Depositary Receipts) are already covered in our existing Series 65 study materials, while others (such as digital assets) are not.


We believe that our BDU Series 65 study materials are still sufficient to prepare you to pass the Series 65 exam; however, it would be wise to review the following annotated Series 65 Test Specifications document, make note of the new topics (highlighted in yellow), and familiarize yourself with them.

Series-65-Test-Specifications-June-2023 – changes annotated


You can view the original announcement from the NASAA here.



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