List of changes to CPCU 500 in 2023

List of changes to CPCU 500 in 2023

***Update 01-03-2024: BigDaddy U’s study materials for CPCU 500 is now up to date with the version of CPCU 500 released in July 2023*** 


The Institutes has released an updated version of the CPCU 500 course for exams starting on October 15, 2023. Exams in the July 15 to September 15, 2023 window will cover the expiring CPCU 500 “Managing Evolving Risks” content only. Starting October 15, 2023, exams will cover the new CPCU 500 “Becoming a Leader in Risk Management and Insurance” course.

About half of the updated course is brand new, and the other half pulls from content in either the old CPCU 500 or another expiring CPCU course. Below is a list of the new CPCU 500 topics and how they correspond to the expiring CPCU 500 course. (old Objectives in parentheses)

Note: We do not provide any warranties or guarantees concerning the comprehensiveness and accuracy of this list.


CPCU 500: Becoming a Leader in Risk Management and Insurance

Module 1: Building Your Foundation

  • Risk Management and Insurance in Action (NEW)
  • The Vital Role of Risk Management and Insurance (NEW)
  • The Evolving Insurance Industry (NEW)
  • Becoming a Key Player in the Insurance Value Chain (NEW)


Module 2: Understanding Risk Essentials

  • Risk Classifications and Categories (500 – Mod. 2 – Obj. 2)
  • Process for Managing Risk (500 – Mod. 2 – Obj. 1)
  • Holistic Risk Identification (500 – Mod. 3 – Obj. 1)


Module 3: Anticipating What Could Go Wrong

  • Property Loss Exposures (500 – Mod. 5 – Obj. 1)
  • Liability Loss Exposures (552 – Mod. 1 – Obj. 2)
  • Management Liability and Human Resource Risks (500 – Mod. 5 – Obj. 5-6)
  • Operational and Financial Risks (500 – Mod. 6 – Obj. 1)


Module 4: The Insurance Solution

  • Examining the Personal Lines Market (NEW)
  • How Businesses Integrate Insurance and Risk Management (500 – Mod. 4 – Obj. 4)
  • The Commercial Property Lines Market (NEW)
  • The Commercial Liability Lines Market (NEW)
  • How to Speak Insurance (NEW)
  • Noninsurance Contractual Risk Transfer (500 – Mod. 4 – Obj. 5)


Module 5: Leading With Critical Thinking

  • Thinking Critically (NEW)
  • Critical Thinking Across the Insurance Value Chain (NEW)
  • Solving Business Problems With Critical Thinking (NEW)


Module 6: Communicating and Collaborating as a Leader

  • Fundamentals of Effective Communication (500 – Mod. 11 – Obj. 1)
  • Selecting the Best Form of Communication (NEW)
  • Leading Effective Meetings (NEW)
  • Fundamentals of Effective Collaboration (500 – Mod. 11 – Obj. 3)


Module 7: Strategic Decision Making

  • The Insurer Strategic Management Process (520 – Mod. 10 – Obj. 1)
  • How Insurers Apply the Five Forces Model and SWOT Analysis (520 – Mod. 10 – Obj. 2)
  • How Strategy Develops Internally (520 – Mod. 10 – Obj. 3)
  • Strategic Management in Action (520 – Mod. 10 – Obj. 4)



As the above list illustrates, the vast majority of the expiring CPCU 500 course material is indeed expiring. The new course is significantly shorter and includes a variety of new topics not previously covered in CPCU 500.

BigDaddy U is working on updating our CPCU 500 study materials to match the content of the new CPCU 500 course. We always provide updates to our materials to at no additional cost, so if you’ve previously purchased our CPCU 500 study materials, the new study materials will be updated on your account as soon as they’re available. We don’t have a precise estimate on when the updated CPCU 500 study materials will be ready, but we’re hoping to have them done by the end of 2023.


CPCU® and AICTM are trademarks of the American Institute For Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters, d/b/a The Institutes. BigDaddy U is not affiliated or associated with The Institutes in any way, and The Institutes do not endorse, approve, support, or otherwise recognize BigDaddy U or its products or services.



  • Zachery Buresch
    Zachery Buresch
    Posted at 12:14h, 08 August Reply

    More than just the 500 is updating according to The Institutes website, will that content be updated as well?

    • Elizabeth White
      Elizabeth White
      Posted at 12:27h, 08 August Reply

      We will be updating all of our CPCU study materials. We’ll work through updating each set of study materials one course at a time, and we’ll post updates here on the blog as we review the changes made to each course.

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