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CPCU 540 – Insurance Financial Concerns

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Last Updated: February 2024

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Read our blog post about the discontinuation of BigDaddy U CPCU study materials here.


BDU’s study materials for the CPCU 540 exam include both a physical book shipped to you and access online content through our website.



  • Spiral-bound Study Guide containing Module Outlines, Study Sheets, Test Bank, and one Practice Exam
  • Streaming video and MP3s with over 9 hours of classroom-based lectures
  • Online Test Bank with over 260 multiple choice questions, organized by module
  • 2 Online Practice Exams, each with 50 multiple choice questions
  • Digital flashcards
  • Handouts


CPCU® and AICTM are trademarks of the American Institute For Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters, d/b/a The Institutes. BigDaddy U is not affiliated or associated with The Institutes in any way, and The Institutes do not endorse, approve, support, or otherwise recognize BigDaddy U or its products or services.

Insurance Financial Concerns is the BigDaddy University learning package for the CPCU 540 course.
The course provides an overview of the principles of finance and accounting, including an overview of financial statement analysis and corporate finance. The course also offers an understanding of time value of money concepts, capital management, investment characteristics, and the underwriting cycle.


  • Spiral-bound Study Guide containing Module Outlines, Study Sheets, Test Bank, and one Practice Exam
  • Streaming video and MP3s with over 9 hours of classroom-based lectures
  • Online Test Bank with over 260 multiple choice questions, organized by module
  • 2 Online Practice Exams, each with 50 multiple choice questions
  • Digital flashcards
  • Handouts
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Reviews (15)

15 reviews for CPCU 540 – Insurance Financial Concerns

  1. Krista Miller

    millerjkel (verified owner)

    This course material was a great help! I took the exam for CPCU 540 3 times without passing. I ordered this material and passed the exam on the 4th try. Thanks!!

  2. Nathan Humes (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this product, as it will absolutely help you pass 540. After receiving my results from my first non-pass, I realized I needed help on this course material. In reading reviews of those who had passed, Big Daddy was referenced. Sure enough, I purchased the product and passed with flying colors my second try. Watching the videos (multiple times) and taking detailed notes, allowed me to fully understand the material. Thanks BDU!


    Kwoolf4102 (verified owner)

    Was so nervous about this test! Used BDU and passed 1st try. Hardest chapters for me were 3,6,8 and 11. Thanks BDU!

  4. Eric Kropp

    Eric Kropp (verified owner)

    Did a great job preparing me for the exam. Tied the material together in a way the institutes textbooks were not able to.

  5. Camille Garcia

    I strongly recommend Big Daddy. I used through all CPCU courses and passed after first time using BD. 540 was going to give me hives….but BD made it easy

  6. Gary Gluck

    As with most, CPCU made me very nervous as I knew many who did not pass this exam the first try. A co-worker recommended Big Daddy. I went through each chapter about 3 times and took the quizzes and the practice test. I passed the first try! I will use Big Daddy for the rest of my CPCU courses.

  7. Debra Young (verified owner)

    Passed on first attempt. Would still be trying to learn how to use a financial calculator without Scott Wasserman/BDU. Highly recommend all CPCU course material!!!

  8. Richard (verified owner)

    I was really nervous about this exam. I have used BDU for 500, 520, 530 and 540. I have passed all on the first try. The 540 is broken down into very digestible segments. I could not recommend BDU more highly!

  9. Ed Kiryak

    Ed Kiryak (verified owner)

    I used BDU for the first time on my 540 exam after hearing multiple positive feedback from others. I used various other study guides and materials before. I am upset I did not find out about BDU for the 5 exams I took before 540! The material is broken down into segments and is taught very well. I would highly recommend BDU, it is worth its weight in gold! It made my 540 exam a breeze!

  10. Skylar Warren

    Skylar Warren (verified owner)

    I passed my 540 exam yesterday. I had half resigned myself to taking it two or three times after reading multiple reviews online. Thank you BDU for making this course understandable.

  11. Dawn Jackson

    Dawn Jackson (verified owner)

    I took my 540 exam last evening (12/13/2021). Thank you, Jesus… I passed. You can’t go wrong using BDU to prepare for your exams. This is my second attempt at 540 and I scored 20 points higher than the first time I took it. As usual, I was so nervous about taking the exam, but I was way more prepared than I thought. I still couldn’t remember most of the formulas, but there wasn’t enough on the exam for me to fail. Learning the Present and Future Value of a dollar was so easy using the financial calculator. This is my fourth exam using BDU. I’ve passed 500, 520, 551 and now 540 using BDU. I recommend taking all the quizzes and practice tests because they are key. Now, on to my last exam to obtain my CPCU. Thanks, BDU! I can’t thank you enough.

  12. Camille Davis (verified owner)

    I just passed CPCU 540 with using BDU. I was so nervous for this test as I have heard it was the hardest. I decided if I didn’t pass I was done. However I passed with flying colors. In fact scored the highest on the one oof all I have taken. My journey continues and I will be using BDU for the rest of my courses.

  13. Cynthia Sklar

    Cynthia Sklar (verified owner)

    This was the first exam where I used BDU. I felt lost trying to learn through TI resources. Not only did I pass on the the first attempt, I truly learned and understood the concepts. BDU actually made it enjoyable!

  14. Courtney Pontius

    Courtney Pontius (verified owner)

    I feel bad leaving 3 stars as I am a big fan of BDU, I’ve used for multiple CPCU tests and have scored high. But, I just tested for 540 and received my first nonpass on any exam I’ve taken. I am not sure if the version of the test was just difficult, but I found many questions both formula and knowledge driven could not clearly be answered based off of the study materials. Some questions were not discussed at all in the material. I am not sure if this is due to the material being dated back to 2021, but it is unfortunate as the course is being updated and I will need to study an entirely new version to retest. Will still continue using BDU, I am just hoping this is the only course I have this issue with.

  15. Courtney Pontius

    Courtney Pontius (verified owner)

    I am coming back to correct a previous review that I submitted (the 3 star review above). After failing the first attempt of 540 I left the review above, I wish I could delete it as I did some reflecting/obsessing over what I may have missed and realized it was not the materials fault at all. As usual, BDU did have adequate material, in fact I scored highly on my second attempt after going back through videos and taking better notes to prepare for the retake. I take full responsibility of my first non-pass as this exam is not one to be taken lightly. Thank you BDU for once again providing adequate material.

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